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Datacard Blue Adhesive Cleaning Roller SD SP CD CP
Datacard Blue Adhesive Cleaning Rollers is used on Datacard SD, SP, CD, CP Series. It is suggested to replace the Card Printer Adhesive Rollers each time you replace the ribbon. Adhesive roller is specially used for cleaning the dust on the blank card bef
High and Low Tack Double Coated Tape
A film tape coated on one side with a high tack ( permanent ) pressure sensitive adhesive and on the other side with a low tack ( removable ) pressure sensitive adhesive.
Double Coated Tape, with high tack permanently tape onto the surface of roller core and low tack surface is protected by Silicone treated paper release liner.
Datacard Card Printer Adhesive Cleaning Sleeves utilized High / Low Tack Double Coated Polyester Film pressure sensitive tape as carrier to permanently stick onto the surface of Roller Core Substrate.
  1. Roller Material : Plastic Core
  2. Double Coated Tape : 50 um
  3. Release Liner Thickness : 100 um
  4. High Tack Adhesion : 5.5N/10mm
  5. Temperature Operating Range : -30°to 204°C
  6. Good UV Light Resistance