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IPA Presaturated Cleaning Swabs
IPA Presaturated Cleaning Swabs - 100ppi, open pore polyester polyurethane composite foam rectangular foam head - Non abrasive - Foam is sealed directly onto the plastic handle without use of adhesive to make it more environmental -friendly - Easy ha
The Clean Foam Swab Sticks is pre-saturated with IPA solution and packed in individual pouch.
Open pouch and remove swab by its handle. Using a back and forth motion, effectively remove dirt and debris accumulated.
Foam tip:100ppi, open pore polyester polyurethane composite foam
Handle material:Polypropylene
Handle dimensions (length x diameter):Approximately 5.0” x 0.200” or 114 X 5.2 (in mm)
Foam tip dimensions (length x width):Foam tip dimensions (length x width)
Fill content:99.9% IPA Solution
Solution content:2.0 ml
Packaging:  50 IPA Foam Cleaning Swabs / Box
Nominal Size Dimension:  5.0’’
Part Number:  IPAPFS-707