Purpose of Cleaning Pen
Release time : 2018-11-24 00:11:00
The purpose of the cleaning pen is to clean the pen. We usually use the special card printer to clean the pen. Because the cleaning pen is generally a product suitable for small narrow strip, various printer ribbons, printing head parts belong to that narrow strip, it is not easy to use cleaning cloth or other cleaning products for daily cleaning care. Therefore, the printer cleaning pen is an excellent product for cleaning all kinds of card printer related equipment.

Generally speaking, the cleaning pen is mainly for the printer head, and other parts of the printer have other suitable cleaning tools. It is also very simple to use a cleaning pen. It only needs to open the pen cap, let the pen head and the printer head touch smoothly, and then wipe repeatedly along the same direction, such as from left to right, or from right to left, do not wipe left and right, avoid damaging the printer head. When wiping, the strength is moderate. With the IPA organic cleaning solution or alcohol solution built in the cleaning pen, the printer can be effectively hit. The printing head equipment is fully cleaned to prevent the blockage of the printing head, resulting in poor printing quality and unclear image.

Therefore, if you use the card printer in the future when the print image is not clear or the print quality is not good, in addition to considering replacing the ribbon, you also need to think about cleaning the printer printer head in time to carry out daily cleaning and maintenance of the printer.
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